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May 26, 2024

The Biggest Carne Asada in Dallas, Texas

Red Bull Batalla

Red Bull Batalla

Many speak, few rhyme, only the best improvise. Red Bul Batalla is a freestyle rap competition that, since 2005, has provided a platform for the best freestylers in the Spanish-speaking hip-hop world. 


In recent years, it has become the most relevant international event for freestyle rap battles. The roots of this improvised rap scene are as deeply connected to hip-hop as they are to the improvisation styles of traditional folk troubadours, with the scene evolving into its own style in Hispanic America. 


The National Final will be livestreamed on the Red Bull Batalla YouTube channel. 

Muchos hablan, pocos riman, solo los mejores improvisan Red Bul Batalla es una competencia de rap improvisado que, desde 2005, provee una plataforma para el desarrollo de los mejores freestylers del hip hop de habla hispana. 


En los últimos años, se ha convertido en el evento internacional de batallas de improvisación más relevante de la escena. Sus raíces están tanto en el hip hop como en la improvisación de los trovadores tradicionales, evolucionando en Hispanoamérica a un estilo propio. 


La Final Nacional tendrá transmisión en directo desde el canal de Red Bull Batalla en YouTube. 


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2023 Red Bull Batalla Miami Qualifier Champion. Miami Native.  


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World Famous Argentinian Mc. 


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Cuban, or Frank Munoz, proudly hails from Cuba and is a 3X Red Bull Batalla USA National Finalist.  


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Austin, TX. Jordi is a 5X Red Bull Batalla USA National Finalist 


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 Venezuela Red Bull Batalla

National Champion.  


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Magimbri, also known as Juan Pablo Ruiz Tovar, represents Mexico by way of San Antonio, TX. 2023 Red Bull Batalla National Final Finalist /Red Bull Batalla Houston Qualifier Champion.  


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Red Bull Batalla 2023 World Finalist. Originally from Venezuela, Oner now resides in Miami.  


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Previously a Red Bul Batalla Mexico National Final 2021 Champion, Skiper is known as a freestyle OG from Mexico. 


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Host of 2023 Red Bull Batalla Houston Qualifier. Dallas’ own and Urban Rapstars Resident Host. 


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Original Member of Caballeros del Plan G, Mexico Hip Hop Legend.    

DJ Lobo

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Texas’ very own and Urban Rapstars Resident DJ. DJ of the 2023 Red Bull Batalla National Final.  

Payment Plan Options Available


General Admission

$50.00 plus 8.25% STX

Includes access to festival grounds and all public entertainment. By adding a 4th ticket in your cart, you will get that 4th ticket for free and only be charged for 3 tickets.

Foodie Experience

$75.00 plus 8.25% STX

Includes entrance and secret menu.  Choose a total of 4 free exclusive menu items from our food vendors.
This is a $100+ value. *Does not include access to VIP areas.

VIP Experience 21+ 

$125.00 plus 8.25% STX

VIP includes separate entrance to the festival and exclusive designated VIP areas. Complimentary food and two drinks.
*Complimentary food and drinks will be available from 3pm-6pm CT.

Our Partners

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Carne Asada Fest

Carne Asada Fest celebrates Dallas’ Latin culture by way of a familial pastime. The one-day festival returns May 26 at 2 p.m. at Gilley’s Dallas and is immersive experience that showcases Latin talent, creativity, and culture. The team, their vendors, and artists are a family and this is their carne asada...and at the carne asada, everyone is invited. 

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